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Tasks of the Jobcenter

Besides for the unemployment benefit (Arbeitslosengeld II) for securing someone´s livelihood, the Jobcenter Steinburg also provides services to improve or end the need for support of the unemployed. The Jobcenter has to comply with the principle of "support and demand": The entitlement to the unemployment benefit (Arbeitslosengeld II) basically depends on the customer’s active effort to integrate into the job market and take part in one of the many support options.

The Jobcenter can for example discuss one of the following options with the customer depending on the individual experiences und knowledge and in relation to the current demands of the job market:

  • Counseling and placement into employment
  • Support of the customer´s own efforts in searching for work
  • Granting of an integration subsidy as an impulse for the employer
  • Training activities or educational vouchers for further occupational education
  • Employment pact for older employees
  • Two variants of employment opportunities, one compensation of expenses or the other generating earnings
  • Support by an integration expert or a case manager
  • Debt counseling
  • Psychosocial support
  • Addiction counseling

There are many other things that can help remove obstacles. Please ask us!

Persons fit for employment are eligible for benefits for persons searching for employment to secure their basic livelihood, if they are in need and if they
cannot get any or get sufficient other, overriding benefits. There are services for placement into employment and benefits for securing one´s livelihood.
The benefits for securing one´s livelihood are in the form of financial support. These benefits are paid as unemployment benefit (Arbeitslosengeld II),
social benefit (Sozialgeld) and potentially further required benefits (Mehrbedarf). The unemployment benefit (Arbeitslosengeld II) will usually be paid for
six months. It is financed through taxes. The payment is made at the beginning of every month.

Scope of the benefits
Persons in need and their relatives receive regular monthly benefits to secure their livelihoods.
The amounts of the benefits are:

  • for single parents or single persons 404 Euros
  • for spouses 364 Euro each
  • for children under 6 years old 237 Euros each
  • for children between 6 and 14 years old 270 Euros each
  • for children between 14 and 18 years old 306 Euros each
  • for adult children that live with their parents until the age of 25 years old 324 Euros

Furthermore there are multiple other additionally required benefits and one time payments for example during pregnancy and birth, for furnishing
apartments and for single parents. The Jobcenter also provides the cost of housing.
Jobcenter Steinburg
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